About Us


CGPA Executive Committee
Peter Hardwick, Chair Apotex
Jean-Guy Goulet, Vice-Chair Pharmascience
Jeff Watson Apotex
Suresh Kalidoss Auropharma
David Simpson Mylan
David Goodman Pharmascience
Morris Goodman Pharmascience
Michel Robidoux Sandoz
Barb Pimentel Taro
Benjamin Gray Teva
Christine Poulin Teva


Intellectual Property Committee

This committee provides advice to CGPA on issues related to Canada’s pharmaceutical patent regime.
Chair: Kevin Zive, Apotex


Market Growth Committee

This committee develops strategies to facilitate the increase in generic pharmaceutical sales in Canada and internationally. This group benchmarks international practices and develops options for companies to increase private sector market share.
Chair: Jason Soler, Teva
Vice-Chair: Al Moghaddam, Pharmascience


Government Relations Committee

The committee assists CGPA in its communications with all levels of government.
Chair: Nicole Neveu, Pharmascience
Vice-Chair: Adam Coote, Mylan


Scientific Affairs Committee

This committee is responsible for liaising with, and providing input to, Health Canada on various scientific issues related to the approval of generic pharmaceuticals at the federal level.
Chair: Duane Terrill, Apotex
Vice-Chair: Joanne Manley, Mylan


Industry Practices Review Board – Quebec

This board is responsible for the education, compliance and enforcement activities required for the implementation of CGPA’s code of marketing conduct in Quebec.