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Our President

jim-keonJim Keon is President of the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (CGPA), the organization representing Canada’s generic pharmaceutical industry.

Under his leadership, the CGPA works closely with all levels of government to develop policies to nurture and develop Canada’s drug industry both in Canada and for export markets. To achieve this, Jim advocates for fair and balanced patent laws and the appropriate government resources for the review of generic drugs, which ensures the timely availability of generic drugs for Canadians.

He also works closely with provincial governments to help them control soaring drug costs through the more efficient listing of generic medicines on provincial drug plan formularies.

In addition, Jim advocates for the increased use of generic medicines as a smart way to save scarce health-care dollars to private sector drug plans, pharmacists and others involved in patient care.

Jim graduated with an M.A. in Economics from Queen’s University, and has extensive experience in areas of intellectual property, trade and consumer protection.

Prior to joining the Association in 1994 (he became President in 1998) he held senior positions in the federal government and was directly involved in international trade negotiations for the FTA, NAFTA and the WTO, as well as Canada’s inter-provincial trade negotiations.

Jim is a past Chair and a current member of the Management Committee of the International Generic and Biosimilars Medicines Association (IGBA).  The IGBA is committed to promoting the interests of generic and biosimilars medicines around the world.