Patient Care

The Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association

We help our member companies deliver high-quality, safe, and cost-effective medicines that make patient care affordable to help sustain public and private drug benefit plans and our healthcare system. Our association works with governments, health-care providers, and patients to strengthen the generic pharmaceutical sector to ensure Canadians have a secure, uninterrupted access to prescription medicines, especially during a healthcare crisis.

The Canadian generic pharmaceutical industry is a key strategic asset for Canada. We are one of the few countries in the world that has a domestic generic pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity with extensive capabilities. At CGPA we are committed to sharing the facts about our industry, the quality, safety, and efficacy of the products our members manufacture, and the value of generic pharmaceutical medicines.

Our Member Companies

Finished Dosage Manufacturers

Industry Suppliers / Active Ingredient Manufacturers

Our President

Under Jim Keon’s leadership, CGPA works closely with governments and key stakeholders to develop policies to promote Canada’s generic pharmaceutical industry as a strategic asset that supports a sustainable healthcare system, Canadian jobs, manufacturing, and exports.

Drawing on his extensive experience in the areas of intellectual property, trade (FTA, NAFTA, and WTO) and consumer protection Jim advocates to improve the legal, regulatory and policy environment for the timely launch of cost-saving generic medicines.

Jim works with prescribers, hospitals, public and private-sector drug plan sponsors and CGPA’s partners in the pharmacy and distributor sectors with the goal of making patient care affordable.

Our Executive Committee

Ray Shelley
Chair Apotex
David Goodman
Benjamin Gray
Michel Robidoux
Vice-Chair Sandoz
Morris Goodman
Michael Sine
Martin Arès
Jeff Long
Jim Keon
Ex officio CGPA
Barb Pimentel

Our Committees

Our Staff

Jim Keon
Kristin Willemsen
Vice President, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
Christina Morrison
Executive Assistant
Jeff Connell
Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Eric Lamoureux
Director, Quebec
Theresa Elmido
Receptionist / Administrator
Jody Cox
Vice President, Federal and International Affairs
Paula Rembach
Research Analyst

CGPA Members are the Preferred Partners for a Sustainble Healthcare System

Our Standards of Excellence

CGPA’s Standards of Excellence outline the core values that guide our members’ actions and differentiate CGPA members as the preferred and trusted partners in sustainable health care. The key principles which guide CGPA member’s actions are:

  • Quality & Safety
  • Sustainability Reliability and Innovation
  • Engagement
  • Accountability, Integrity and Social Responsibility 

CGPA Members’ Standards of Excellence

Code of Marketing Conduct Governing the Sale of Generic Pharmaceutical Products in Canada