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Our Impact

Our Contribution to our
Economy and Communities

Compared with many countries that must rely solely on importing their prescription medicines, Canada is fortunate to have extensive domestic generic pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity and capabilities.

This capacity includes manufacturing, testing, packaging, warehousing distribution and research and development facilities based primarily in Ontario and Quebec. Generic companies own and operate the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in Ontario, Quebec and Canada, and also own and operate the largest facility for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in Canada.

CGPA member companies directly employ some 11,000 Canadians in well-paying life-sciences, technology, and manufacturing-based jobs. In addition to providing an essential service for our health-care system, these are the kinds of jobs that sustain families and communities, contributing a vital stimulus to Canada’s economy. Beyond direct employment, the sector has a wide footprint and supports jobs in many areas like shipping, logistics, distribution and quality assurance.